October 25, 2018

Physics work of Nazarko, presented at the Cretan Conference in 2016

      Work presentation at the Cretan Conference in 2016 by Prof. Arban Uka and Shpetim Nazarko


E.Igor Bulyzhenkov watching physic work in Crete and writing about it in a prestigious magazine of astrophysics.


Astrophysics and Space Science

, 363:39| Cite as

Gravitational attraction until relativistic equipartition of internal and translational kinetic energies


Translational ordering of the internal kinematic chaos provides the Special Relativity referents for the geodesic motion of warm thermodynamical bodies. Taking identical mathematics, relativistic physics of the low speed transport of time-varying heat-energies differs from Newton’s physics of steady masses without internal degrees of freedom. General Relativity predicts geodesic changes of the internal heat-energy variable under the free gravitational fall and the geodesic turn in the radial field center. Internal heat variations enable cyclic dynamics of decelerated falls and accelerated takeoffs of inertial matter and its structural self-organization. The coordinate speed of the ordered spatial motion takes maximum under the equipartition of relativistic internal and translational kinetic energies. Observable predictions are discussed for verification/falsification of the principle of equipartition as a new basic for the ordered motion and self-organization in external fields, including gravitational, electromagnetic, and thermal ones.


I am very grateful to Shpetim Nazarko for his ICNFP-2015 conference poster and for useful discussions.




Some foreign physicists evaluating the work